Koyft mayne beygelekh,
Heysinke bublichki!

Nu, koyft...

Es kumt bald on di nakht,

Ikh shtey zikh tif fartrakht,
Zet, mayn eygelekh
Zaynen farshvartst.

Der frost indroysn brent,
Farfroyrn mayne hent,
Fun tsores zing ikh mir
Mayn troy'rik lid.

Nu, koyft zhe bublichki,
Heysinke beygelekh,
Di letste beygelekh,
Nu, koyft, bay mir...
Ikh shtey aleyn in gas,
Fun regn ver ikh nas,
Di letste beygelekh,

Nu, koyft bay mir...

Di nakht es geyt farbay,

Der tog rukt on afsnay,

Ikh shtey in gas un trakht,
Vos vet dokh zayn?

Der veytik iz in hoyz,
Fun hunger gey ikh oys,

Oy, menchn, hert mayn lid,
Fun hunger shvakh...

Bublichki, beygelekh,
Koyft mayne bublichki...

Bagels! Hot Bagels!

Come-and-get my bagels
Hot bagels, hot rolls
It’s almost night now
Here I stand deep in thought
See, how dark my eyes are!

It’s freezing out here
My hands are frozen stiff
This sad song comes out of
My desperate troubles!

So! Come-and-get my bagels!
Hot bagels! Hot rolls!
My last few bagels
So! Come-and-buy my bagels!

Here I stand all-alone in the street
Soaked through by the rain
So! Come-and-buy my bagels
Night has fallen. There’s no light left.

Here I stand thinking
What’s gonna be?
There’s nothing but pain at home
I’m so hungry, I’m about to faint

Dear folks, hear my song
I’m so hungry I’m about to faint
So! Come-and-buy my bagels
My last few bagels!